Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Enough for Drips of Ink by Evil Twin on Myspace

Not Enough for Drips of Ink by Evil Twin on MyspaceNot Enough

Mother oh mother
Why did you forsake me so
Was I the least of your children
Was it my ugliness?
Perhaps you thought me defective
Because I didn't tslk until I was almost 4
Didn't talk, not so much as a single word by 5
You took mr to doctor after doctor
To find out what was wrong with me
But none ever did
I finally started talking right before kindergarten
Not baby talk but talked as a full grown human
Sometime, somehow I had taught myself to read
Still it was never enough
I felt less then
Sraight A's didn't count, nor awards
Nothing I did was good enough for you
When the divorce came I was told I would be living with you
Yet just one year later you planned a move
A two bedroom apartment with four of us
It was not big enough to house us so I was basically told to go

find a new place to live.
I was 15 and all alone
So alone unloved
I was never good enough for you.
I remember my first poem that was published (5th grade)
It was my badge of honor
To you it meant nothing
I still feel that lack of
Less then when I see my mom
Why couldn't mommy love me?


Waiting to be Devoured

Waiting to be Devoured

Wrapped around your heart
No owner's manual inside
"Love is a naked shadow 
On a gnarled and naked tree.''

Impossible to figure
A treasure hidden away
Waiting for a question
To answer all your dreams

Love needs no money
No fancy cars
The only thing love needs
Is someone who cares

Branches wrapped around the heart
Keeping it safe and warm
Like jam on a piece of toast
Waiting to be devoured

Love is ambrosia
Impossible to describe
One taste imprisons you
With no place to hide

kismet evil twin 11/9/12