Sunday, November 22, 2009


At the end of the road lays two gates
Justify your life said the gatekeeper
Justify I ask?
Do you not know the meaning
Justify yourself or you may not pass

Down into my past I travel
Looking for something to vindicate my life
All I see is the darkness a morass of emotions
How my countenance remained steady I do not know
What words could validate let alone exonerate
A life spent being the center of the universe
Selfish egotistical self-seeking
Thinking further back maybe there is something?

A glimmer of a memory
A boy on crutches for all his life
Made fun of by cruel children
Except one
As I walked the halls of school
A bully pushed the boy down, his books flying
Everyone laughed
Except one
Walking through the crowd I shouted at them
Picking up his books and helping him from the floor
For that I was jeered but I cared not

Would this be enough to get me through a gate
Then I pause, there are two openings
Which way do I want to go
Well I take my chance it is all I have
I speak the words and wait

The gatekeeper says that is not enough to justify
As I begin to wonder what next he adds
It is enough however to save you from that gate
He points to one which suddenly says
Hell One Way Traffic Only
Yet not enough for the other gate marked
Heaven, Angel Crossing
Then what am I to do I ask in despair
Do? The gatekeeper says
You are to go back and live
Until one of these gates will open for you.

© kismet 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadian Beefcake?

Ok, so yesterday I was cruising the poetry blogs on myspace and came upon on by someone I had never seen before. As I often do, I peek in and take a read.
It was song lyrics. Quite good one too. I left a comment saying so,then sent a friend request. This person who's myspace name is Canadian Beefcake has over 31,000 friends.
I didn't think twice about it.
I read his profile about what a sweet romantic guy he was and how he has been burned by so many terrible people on myspace etc etc. Now knowing myspace as I do I could believe that easily enough. But I am neither mean, hurtful OR looking for romance.I write poetry and song lyrics. I enjoy reading other peoples too.
So I went back and guess what? He has BLOCKED me!! Not just turned down my request,but blocked me!! His status says he is auctioning his phone number and expects high numbers. I read his profile a little closer.He says "I am very good at what I do and that is sex" Well, ok fine. So the guy is selling himself on myspace? Whatever. I wasn't planning on bidding. Is that a crime? Is myspace his pimp?
I just can't understand why a person with 31,000 friends would block ME for no reason at all. I could care less what the man does.
I just liked his song.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lullaby For a Warrior

Lullaby For a Warrior

Rest old warrior
Let your spirit fly
Your ancestors await
The fighting's done
Sleep now wise one

Sing the song of peace
Let your enemies lie
The world in time has passed
Our paths no longer cross
Their gain our sad loss

Lay across your burial bed
Strong man always true
I have shorn my hair
Stood tall before the oncoming gale
Danced the Ghost Walker's Trail

So take your repose hero man
My lullaby continues until sunset
Your wisdom remains behind
Reminding us we are a proud nation
Bringing back thoughts of creation

© kismet 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What has happened to poets?

Can someone explain to me why poets are at each others throats? Spoken word and the writers of our beautiful prose all in a battle to the death. I spoke of it with my guests today on my radio show, The Full Circle with Kismet.
I was even able to bring up the issue of race division on the radio shows and in the poetry sites and blog hot spots such as myspace. It has been noticed but no one has spoken up about it. I did today on my show. Along with my guest Amarie spoken word poet and QuietStorm of the SpokenWord., who's book is at the printer as I type and is working on getting his CD finished. These are the people we want at the fore front of our movement. People who want to better not only their lives but enrich and uplift others.You can listen to the show here.
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