Sunday, August 9, 2009

What has happened to poets?

Can someone explain to me why poets are at each others throats? Spoken word and the writers of our beautiful prose all in a battle to the death. I spoke of it with my guests today on my radio show, The Full Circle with Kismet.
I was even able to bring up the issue of race division on the radio shows and in the poetry sites and blog hot spots such as myspace. It has been noticed but no one has spoken up about it. I did today on my show. Along with my guest Amarie spoken word poet and QuietStorm of the SpokenWord., who's book is at the printer as I type and is working on getting his CD finished. These are the people we want at the fore front of our movement. People who want to better not only their lives but enrich and uplift others.You can listen to the show here.
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