Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Become or Undone

Become or Undone

A small taste was all I needed
To fuel the flames
From the time before time
When I was young and unsure
Releasing me to find the path
My test to become or undone

Then men arrived and my world changed
I walked through towns
Undetected by everything but one cat
Who hissed when I went by
Wanting everything even without need

Like the humans, they claimed everything 
Watching tasting learning the ways of men
Took the risk and donned a body
So we could blend in without question

Their rituals were intriguing 
When the fire burned out the body
It was buried deep and left to sleep
For some reason most could never see
The portion of life they called soul

Yet finally those they called dead
Saw and spoke to me
Following me from place to place
Trying to garner truth of what happened
Why families chose not to see

So I took them to my heart
Taught them truths they had failed to see
To love and give freely to those who hurt
Offering up a part of each of us
So those on the other side 
Knew they were not alone

It is the living we wait upon
To join us here, the place of no fear
Some name it heaven, some paradise
For me it is just home 
I have been away far too long

© kismet 2010